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ESP8266 Output GPIO and Optimization

Like many microcontrollers, the ESP8266 has a slew of GPIO pins that can be used to interact with the outside world. Espressif provides a number of ways to interact with these pins, including the popular function gpio_output_set. When we were … Continue reading

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v0.3.0 Pulled Pork Released

Download it here! This release contains the improvements for milestones 0.2.0 and 0.3.0. New Features Built-in HTTP configuration and control page Support for up to 4 servos on one servo driver Stepper driver supports 32-bit microstepping via JSON (via TCP) … Continue reading

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Solder or no Solder

It came time to attach an ESP to the newly-arrived PCB for our stepper motor. It was only a prototype run, so we had very few boards and couldn’t afford waiting for more to come. From there the issue arose that … Continue reading

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Sacrificing Our Raspberry Pi to Our Stepper Motor Prototype

On Thursday we excitedly hurried into our workspace with a newly-arrived package. We had just received a box from Chris, our hardware engineer, containing two prototype stepper motor controller boards with a pair of motors. While we have been driving … Continue reading

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